Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Scrimshaw- The Wolf

This was one of a series I made and sold. I like doing scrimshaw work. This one is a wolf. This knife had file work and the white handle had been aged to look like old Tusk.   SOLD

Jaws: my First Knife Ever

This was the first knife I ever made. I just started looking at sharks and the shape just kind of developed. I engraved a shark on the white corian handle. and to this day I still like the look of this one. SOLD

Cowboy Knife

I have made I think 4 of these over the years. I like the rifle butt inspired handle alot. I think it gives a nice western look to this knife. So I called it the Cowboy. SOLD

Mountain Man

The mountain man forged knife is my favorite knife to make. I do many of them on my wood fired forge. I never use glue on the handles. Just big peened rivets. These are big heavy working knives. Simple, sharp, and beautiful.


The Gambler

This is one of a series of small 3 finger Knives I made years ago. I still really like this design.

A great day carry knife. Small and discrete.